At The Hive we are committed reducing the environmental effects of our business. Applied not only to the food and drink that we serve but also in the wonderful spaces we have created to the energy that we use and even the products, no matter how small, that we buy. We firmly believe that we can always improve the way that we do business, which is why we always look to choose products and services that have a low environmental impact, and in the process ensuring our business footprint continues to shrink.

The Hive is a proud participant in the City of Sydney's Zero Waste Partners program for small business and is also working closely with The Watershed Sustainability Resource Centre.

Waste and Recycling

At the Hive we currently recycle glass, cardboard, paper and plastics. We also choose napkins, office and loo paper that is 100% recycled post consumer waste. Even our used cooking oil from our kitchen is converted to Bio-diesel fuel through an agreement with a local waste contractor.

We also aim to reduce waste generated though our coffee machine by offering a discount to people who bring their own mugs and selecting single ply disposable cups.


We are committed to making as much of our food as possible sustainable, organic, local and ethical. We aim to source many of our ingredients from within the local area with a focus on seasonal produce and low food miles and we will work with our suppliers to try and find more sustainable alternatives. We have a garden bed at the Erskineville Community garden where we are growing a large range of herbs and vegetables.
All of our meat used is free range and we use Tobys Estate Organic Fairtrade blend coffee.

This will be an ongoing process for us at The Hive and we welcome any suggestions, feedback or contacts you may have to help us on our way.


The Hive uses 100% accredited green power through Energy Australia. We have also replaced our halogen bulbs in the downstairs bar with energy efficient compact fluorescent. Our hot water service is powered by an instantaneous gas service.


The seating throughout the Hive has been made using recycled fabrics from Reverse Garbage. The bar stools, mirrors, and other pieces were purchased second hand and we used recycled timber from Ironwood to make the bar.

We also reused bits of the previous fit out for some things and donated the rest to The Bower where it was bought and put to use by someone else the next day!

Go Green!

To get involved or get some easy ideas for going green check out 
The Watershed Sustainability Resource Centre in Newtown or online.


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